Council for Regulatory Reform and Quality Control

In order to ensure the use of RIA, the Government authorized the Council for Regulatory Reform to coordinate RIA implementation, to assist the Ministries in its use, and to monitor the quality of RIAs produced by the Ministries. The Council established its Secretariat responsible for RIA quality and for extending technical assistance to the Ministries. The Council and the Secretariat interact with the Government in RIA implementation in the following ways:


The Council and Secretariat give their opinion on the draft regulation on whether the RIA relating to a regulation complies with the Government Rules of Procedure;


The Council and Secretariat will collect legislative agendas from the Ministries for the next two years for the sake of scheduling activities;


The Council will, in cooperation with the sectoral Ministries, select a specified number of the most important regulations for pilot projects and assist the Ministries in carrying out detailed RIAs;


The Council and Secretariat will extend their assistance in integrating RIA in the public consultation process in order to reduce the costs and improve the quality of public consultations. Therefore, RIA would be an available input to all public consultation participants and the results of such consultations would be used for the subsequent improvement of RIA;


The Council will submit periodic progress reports to the Government;


The Council will consult all stakeholders interested in the reform of the business environment. The Council will also aim to establish contacts with the relevant authorities in other countries dealing with RIA in order to use their experience and to establish a long-term relationship with them.


President of Council for Regulatory Reform of Republic of Serbia is Mladjan Dinkic, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Regional Development.

Council members are:

Vesna Kovac, State Secretary of Ministry of Economy and Regional Development;

Slobodan Ilic, State Secretary of Ministry of Finance;

Zeljko MIlosevic, State Secretary of Ministry of Health;

Zoran Martinovic, State Secretary of Ministry of Labour and Social Policy;

Dusan Protic, Assistent Minister of Ministry of trade and services;

Goran Petkovic, Secretary of Ministry of Mining and Energy;

Momcilo Mitreski, Assistent Minister of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management;

Rajko Peric, State Secretary of Ministry for Infrastructure.