The Council for Regulatory Reform of Serbia, established by the Government in 2003, is empowered to perform the function of coordination and quality control of the Regulatory Impact Assessments prepared by the relevant Ministries. The Regulatory Reform Secretariat was established as the provisional technical advisory unit of the Council for Regulatory Reform on RIA, with Decision of the Ministry of Economy of November 12, 2004. Funding and support to the Government of Serbia was provided by the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) and the World Bank Group through The Regulatory Reform and RIA Project for Serbia.  


Article 2 determined by the scope of Regulation Office. Office is service of Government and carry out professional tasks related to:


  • Implementation of Regulatory Reform and Regulatory Impact Assessment proposed by ministries and special organizations, including: providing preliminary opinion at the request of the proponent of the need for regulations implementing impact assessment, regulatory impact analysis of the intended public hearing and the full contents of the accompanying impact assessment
  • Helping regulation proponents to establish mechanisms to monitor and analyze the effects of regulations during their use
  • Collection and processing initiatives of companies, other legal entities and citizens to change inefficient regulations at the national level
  • Filling the initiative to relevant proponent to amend the inefficient regulations
  • Involvement in training organizing for civil servants who work in jobs that are related to regulatory impact analysis
  • Activities related to the monitoring and analysis of institutional capacity for inmpementation of Regulatory Reform
  • Establishing and maintaining a web site for full access to information about the work of the Office and enabling the active participation of citizens and businesses in regulatory reform
  • Promotional activities for the implementation of regulatory reform on the state and local level, and other tasks determined by low and act of the Government.


The Government of the Republic of Serbia adopted the Strategy for the reform of the regulatory period in 2008. - 2011. year, which provides for the Regulatory Review (RIA) in 2009. year. The government has set up a unit for the Regulatory Review (SRP), whose task is to operationally implement the SRP.


The scope of work of the Office and objectives of its establishment as the continuation of the process of harmonization of legislation with EU standards, with the aim of creating a more favorable legal environment for the life and work of citizens, legal persons and other entities to which the regulations apply.


The goal of the Office is to contribute to the regulatory framework as soon as possible and amend closer to the standards of the European Union, to which a number of interested institutions, organizations, businesses and citizens involved in the process of making changes to the regulations, as well as to achieve the following results:


  • that applying the new regulations do not create unnecessary administrative costs,
  • that applying the new regulations do not threaten legal certainty,
  • that applying the new regulations do not put personal interest ahead of the public interest,
  • To prevent inmplementation of new regulations because overlooking market and technological changes, lack of institutional capacity or because they are not provided adequate resources for their implementation.


Office in carrying out tasks within its duties cooperate with ministries, special organizations, government, and with other organizations and public authorities, economic operators and professional organizations, civil society organizations, international organizations and institutions.


PDF : The responsibilities, duties and powers of the Office of Regulatory Reform and Regulatory Impact Assessments as a public authority