Rules of Procedure

The obligation to perform RIA in Serbia was integrated into the legal system of Serbia with the adoption of amendments to the Rules of Procedure of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, October 2004. These amendments call for a mandatory statement containing answers to a list of questions put together in line with the OECD recommendations to be attached to any new law or regulation proposed. This means that while drafting a regulation, the respective ministry is required to issue an adequate explanation responding to the following questions:

  • What problem is to be solved by the regulation?
  • What are objectives to be achieved?
  • Were the alternative options taken into consideration?
  • Why is the regulation the best way of solving the given problem?
  • Do positive effects of the regulation justify the associated implementation cost?
  • Who will be affected by the regulation and how?
  • What are the costs imposed on citizens and businesses, SMEs in particular, by the implementation of such regulation?
  • Were the stakeholders given the opportunity to comment on the regulation proposed?
  • What are the measures to be taken during the implementation of the regulation in order to achieve the objectives?