Office of Regulatory Reform and Regulatory Impact Assessment

Office of Regulatory Reform and Regulatory Impact Assessment (from here in after: the Office) was established on 7 December 2010, as the agency of the Government of Serbia.

The scope of work of the Office is established by Article 2 in the Declaration about Regulation of the Office of Regulatory Reform and Regulatory Impact Assessment ("Official. Gazette" no. 89/2010), under which the Office performs professional services for the Government relating to the Regulatory Reform and Regulatory Impact Assessment proposed by the Ministries and special organizations, including:

  • Giving opinions on demands from law proposers about the needs and the quality of assessments of effects by the proposed regulations.
  • Help the law proposers with  establishing a mechanism for monitoring and analyzing the effects of regulations over their use;
  • Collection and processing of initiatives of companies, other legal entities and citizens to change inefficient regulations at the national level;
  • Advising the regulators to amend the inefficient regulations;
  • Involvement in organizing the training of civil servants who work in jobs that are related to regulatory impact analysis;
  • Activities related to the monitoring and analysis of institutional and human capacity to implement regulatory reform;
  • Establishing and maintaining a web site for full access to information about the work of the Office and facilitate the active participation of citizens and businesses in regulatory reform;
  • Promotional activities for the implementation of regulatory reform on the state and local level, and other tasks, and the act of the Government.

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*G2C - Government to Citizen and G2B Government to Business

Mira Prokopijevic
tel: 011/285-5258